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daring beauty

I dare this Peony to bloom.

Oh to be an Iris!  They are not afraid of taking over and standing tall and
beautiful.  I remember I was given an Iris back in Swift Current.    I didn't get to planting that Iris for a while and it sat on our driveway for a week at least in a plastic bag.
 When I finally picked it up hoping I could still salvage it, the roots had grown.  It proudly thrived on our driveway .

We might learn something from this kind of strength!

We all must just continue to show up and continue on, take a rest, and get up
and show up just like these flowers do every year.  I love these strong beauties!

biggest accomplishment

I know that my biggest accomplishment
is my 39 year marriage to this man I am dancing with
below here.
I still have my dress and I have NOT accomplished fitting
into this said dress. (sigh)

So yes here we are above dancing around the floor at the
Langenburg Hall

it was a simple wedding and I had 2 bridesmaids
and 2 groomsmen

Next year when we hit our 40th wedding anniversary; oh and we will, if I don't 
leave him before then (just joking).  Marriage is HARD! yes or no?

The years have been hard and lots of grief along with lots of horse adventures to get us through.
We both maintained good solid careers. 
 We do not struggle much financially,
mind you
it depends which one of us you ask! (snicker)

Happy 39th to us!

hello to slowing down

I am feeling lost in this space the last week
I am ridiculously working hard to slow down...
working hard to slow down?
why is that hard?
I must keep my body moving and eat healthy
always a walk, or gym session to participate 
activities and horse riding
the grocery store is a regular stomping ground
when eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially
that darn green salad.
The garden will help with that
but then I can't keep up to the lettuce and it goes awry

Living takes work
I have type 2 diabetes and it causes some problems
if not regularly tended to
I have lab work done every 3 months and a doctor
visit to check my stats!  
anticipating the passing blood work number 

This is not a poem
about living as a Gnome
so keeping this more interesting
is only participating
in the thinking brain
I would like more soft subtler intelligent
words to put here
I don't have that gift
 I write in my MPS (morning pages)
most mornings
A mystery or two to read
A new author to check out
searching for a great read always

It feels like I am in touch with the simpler pages
of my day
 fresh paint on our walls
only select few pictures are now hung back up
having space is important now
keep the clutter extinct

my left foot is painful
I went to the doctor
arthritis? stress fracture?
metatarsal inflammation?

I'm okay but it is difficult practicing keeping it
my life to stay authentic
watching nature
is a genuine feeling of
taking breaths out as if blowing candles out on
a cake
Brian's 65th birthday on Thursday!

I have foot up to rest it several times a day
taking Magnesium Glycinate at bedtime to
calm the system and support healthy muscle function

Now off to the hospital for blood work
Gym training session this afternoon
loving my body 
my spirit lives in
A room to breathe
not taking on other peoples negativity

A Robin

Fuel Station


 Irises are so fantastic when they bloom!

Orange-you-glad you stopped in

June has been event-ful.  With a horse clinic and art gallery and shows and nature showing up
in orange this year.

We have Orioles feeding at our place!

We were in Swift Current visiting our blessing, Tom.
See below pics of his yard.  He has beautiful evergreens.  He also has some
different "accents" placed around the place.
I see face with a downward smile and the arm reaching up.

He must be doing something with this Mask -
I think he said he is making a body for it.
  It's a bit spooky sitting out in the sun room.

An old shed came with his property.  The shed is pretty decent inside with work bench and space for storage.  
The basketball net came from our acreage outside
Swift Current.  

South West Art Gallery June 8, 2019
Tom's Pokemon Puppets

He also has his FNAF and marionette puppets (14 total)
on display at The Lyric Theatre in Swift  Current until the end of August.
Here's a couple of Iphone videos.

As a developing Artist, my son is quite excited right now!

Grace at Horse Clinic....

A horsemanship clinic at Springside was on June 1, 2; so who participated in this?  Not me this year.
 The only horse we had that really needed to be around other horses and a new situation was Grace.  Brian rode her and I watched Friday night.  We learned that this mare is a highly sensitive horse and she needs to be treated with very light reins and subtle consistent cues. She was the only mare at this clinic so she was busy flirting and being distracted on the last day.  So thankful Brian went with her this year.
John Tilley (Tilleys Custom Colts & Horsemanship)

June is a wonderful month!

moments at the side of the road

 I turned in for a little stop (nature calls), on my way to Regina.

I had my new camera in the back seat, to my delight..  

It was so relaxing to just shoot nature.

Rodents Beware Read If You Dare

Moles are so ugly.  I have not seen one face to face so I looked it up
on google images.

I was grossed out when I saw this image of a Mole

Brian is pretty good at trapping them and preventing an onslaught
of this dirt digging rodent in our horse pastures. Ugly right?

If the monitoring of Moles was not done our pasture would be full of
deep holes for the horses and us to trip in;  could be serious leg injury for

boring video on setting Mole Trap

facts about Moles

Since we moved here 5 years ago,  hubby has had to purchase traps
and learn about how to trap them.  

onto another rodent.......

We have Voles scurrying under our
deck this spring.

This is our Vole trap

click here for facts about Voles

We have also seen Badger holes on our pasture walk recently.

This is what a Badger looks like.

This is a Badger pasture hole

Other than these rodents, besides a few gophers, (we have one striped gopher
that we keep as a pet.)

  He is very harmless and doesn't dig big destructive holes.

If you read to the end of this post , good for you!

rain sprinkle and B & W

Rain came yesterday, for a short time, and I thank you for that.
I know more will come again at some point this spring.

 It was so much greener and fresh in our yard, I thought
changing photos as black and white would be fun.,  Flowers, not so much,.
They need to show their beautiful colours.

We can't imagine an acreage without a tractor and it's front end loader,
 and a snow blower, picking up bales,  harrowing the garden,
weed control with a sprayer.  Nope! Just can't imagine life out here without
these pieces of equipment. 

snow blower and harrower attachments


front end bucket

Attachments to tractor sit back of the barn shed as we do not have a Quonset or covered
area.  Our rain water system is attached to the barn eavestrough into a white tank
then spills into large black water tub.


Pink Geranium

Those paddles we were not using.  We criss crossed them and stood them up here in our
back deck flower bed.

Our South view from the back deck

The garden is planted!

I prefer coloured photos but it was fun to change them.

new website

This blog will stay as an archive. I am posting over here now: The Flash Speaks See you in the new place!